San Francisco, a city well known for its rich cultural history remains as the focal inspirational references for Junya Kawakami, Designer and Founder of SEVEN BY SEVEN.

Junya immersed himself in the bursting cultural offerings of San Francisco in his 20’s, especially the diverse community of people with different cultural backgrounds had influenced enormously throughout his daily visit at some of the vintage warehouse.

Junya’s loves for vintage pieces and his openminded and inclusive approach to garment creation and craftsmanship set the core roots of the SEVEN BY SEVEN that embrace brand’s vision of a mixture between contemporary and work wear.


Born in Japan in 1978 and moved to San Francisco, USA in 1998. 2015 Fall / Winter introduced his first SEVEN BY SEVEN menswear collection.



帰国後、その時の体験をもとに少しずつ自身の表現を始めます。古着の解体から再構築、また当時出会った人々の自由なパーソナリティを込めたデザインはやがてSEVEN BY SEVEN(同地の愛称)としてブランド化していきました。


SEVEN BY SEVENに集まる仲間たちの気配をどうぞお楽しみください。

Designer 川上淳也

1978年生まれ。1998年より渡米。帰国後7×7およびSEVEN BY SEVENをスタート。